Lutheran Lecture Series VIII at Concordia Lutheran, Hoisington

Lutheran Lecture Series VIII, September 26-27th 2015
Concordia Lutheran Church, Hoisington, Kansas, 9th & Clay

“Identifying the Voice of Baal in the Church Today”
Rev Warren William Graff

Saturday 26 September
12:30 – Votive Mass of the Holy Eucharist*
1:30 – Session 1, Pr. Graff
3:00 – Break
3:15 – Session 2, Pr. Graff
4:45 – Closing Vespers
5:15 – Bratwurst & Beer (Parsonage)
* For the sake of conscience, we ask that only those who are members in good standing with an LC-MS congregation, or one with whom she is in fellowship, commune.

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